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Who We Are

SimuLogix is an aerospace engineering service provider with expertise in Controls Systems, System Engineering and Software Engineering. We also have EEs (e.g. digital design/avionics) and MEs (e.g. structural analysis, 3D solid modeling, etc.) on staff. Our company headquarters are located in Silicon Valley and our engineering talent and assignments span throughout the country.

Mechanical Engineering Skills

We have experienced tremendous growth in the demand for our Mechanical Engineering talent (including Mechanical, Structural and Thermal). From our start SimuLogix has had a strong repertoire of Dynamic (plant) Modeling capabilities. Additionally, over the last several years Solid Modeling has also become one of our areas of expertise.
  • Rigid-Body Dynamics Modeling and Simulation including Adams, Autolev, Simulink
    • Multi-body
    • 6 DOF
    • Co-Simulation with Controls Systems
  • Flexible Body/Finite Element Analysis & Modeling especially Ansys & Femap
  • Stress & Loads Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis & Testing
  • Dynamic Bucking
  • Structure & Mechanism design, e.g. 1 and 2-axis gimbals
  • Damping & Isolation
    • Passive
    • Active
  • Jitter Performance
  • Tribology (lubricates, etc….)
  • Solid Modeling including SolidWorks & ProE
  • CFD/Heat Transfer/Fluid Dynamics Analysis and Modeling incl. SINDA
  • Fuel Slosh Analysis
  • Thermal Vac Testing
  • Responsible Equipment Engineers