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Who We Are

SimuLogix is an aerospace engineering service provider with expertise in Controls Systems, System Engineering and Software Engineering. We also have EEs (e.g. digital design/avionics) and MEs (e.g. structural analysis, 3D solid modeling, etc.) on staff. Our company headquarters are located in Silicon Valley and our engineering talent and assignments span throughout the country.

Electrical Engineering Skills

SimuLogix has expertise in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), along with some of the very best Parts and Hardware Engineers, RF and Test Engineers with EE backgrounds on staff. Our Electrical Engineering capabilities include:
  • Analog and Digital Circuit Simulation & Design
  • FPGAs /ASICs Simulation and Design
  • Designs and Simulation Tools Expertise: HDL, VHDL, Verilog, ModelSim, ISE, PSpice
  • RF Engineering
    • RF System modeling and signal simulation
    • RF Link budgeting and analysis
    • Design, development and testing of RF Systems
    • RF test station design
  • Antenna system fabrication and test
  • Radar Design test and maintenance
  • Cable impedance and cross talk analysis
  • Design of Radar interface test adapters
  • Components/Parts Reliability (including RELEX tools)
  • Hardware/Responsible Equipment Engineers
    • Power System Components (e.g. Solar Arrays, Batteries)
    • GN&C Components (e.g. Gyros, Star Cameras)
    • Flight Processors
    • Communication Systems (e.g. Antennas)
  • FAA and FCC – EMC, EMI and HIRF emissions and UL/CE Product safety standards
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